Epicurean Eco Lodge


A stunning, secluded,  243 acre wilderness preserve where you can enjoy a bespoke epicurean experience, unencumbered by the restrictions or distractions of the outside world.


Awaking in the luxurious comfort of your sumptuously appointed private cabin as the rays of the morning’s first light cascade through the forest canopy.


Being immersed in the temperate rainforests of California’s Northern Coast as you explore trails, creeks, and waterfalls.  


Your very own private chef crafting all of your meals from 100% organic, locally sourced, and seasonally fresh gustatory delights.


Dipping into the emerald waters of our Salmon Creek swimming hole and then relaxing in the sun on our private beach… or perhaps enjoying a seasonal cold plunge and retreating to our 12 person, cedar lined sauna to recharge your soul.


A uniquely memorable adventure that has been personally tailored to fulfill your dreams, desires, and budget.

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."

- Henry David Thoreau

There truly is no place like it on Earth!​

Located on 243 acres in the legendary Salmon Creek area of Southern Humboldt County and once the home of world renowned Qigong Master Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang, the HASHISHINN property was specifically selected based on its distinctive geographical and meta-physical qualities including:  North – South orientation, creeks on both the North and South borders, proximity to Bear Butte (a dormant, yet thermally active volcano), the peak of the property is encircled by higher peaks on all sides creating an “energy sink”.

The location and placement of each of the outbuildings were mindfully and expertly executed by Dr. Yang to further harness and enhance the abundantly occurring natural “Chi” of the property according to the principles of Feng Shui.

The HASHISHINN features a total of SIX private cabins in addition to FOUR private bedrooms in the “Feng Shui” Round House, providing comfortable lodging for groups of up to twenty (20) guests.

HashishInn boasts the following amenities:

    • 243 acre Private Wilderness Preserve 
    • Six comfortably outfitted sleeping cabins w/queen sized beds
    • Four private bedrooms in the Feng Shui Round House
    • Miles of private trails in the temperate Humboldt rainforest
    • Private swimming hole on Salmon Creek
    • Exclusive access to private creeks and waterfalls
    • 12 person cedar lined sauna
    • 1420 square ft. meeting/dining/conference hall
    • Private campsites
    • WiFi

HashishInn offers the following services:

  • Private gatherings
  • Celebrity Guests
  • All-inclusive (lodging, meals, activities)
  • Private chef
  • Bespoke experiences (tell us what you seek)
  • Guided Forest Hikes / mushroom foraging
  • Sound Ceremony 
  • Palate training
  • Farm tours 
  • Connoisseurship Experiences
  • Forest Bathing

Rave Reviews for the HashishInn!

"This was honestly the most memorable three days of my life. The magical energy of this place is beyond words!"
Hannah H.
HashishInn guest
"I'm not usually one for hyperbole, but I can't resist applying it here because it's genuinely accurate. After approximately 10 years immersed in brewing, beer, and even some cannabis drinks, that experience was by far the coolest professional learning event I've ever participated in. I suspect it will hold that title for quite some time. Thank you once again for your wonderful hospitality, outstanding programming, and fantastic content last week. I believe I speak for the entire group when I say that it had a profound impact on us, and it's an experience we'll carry with us throughout our careers."
Dan V.
Boston Beer Co.
"The gustatory pleasures offered at the HashishInn are leaps and bounds beyond my wildest dreams."
Tom J.
"As I settle back into my Pennsylvania abode, after two weeks of travel, I find myself beaming with immense gratitude and wanted to shoot you a message that comes from the deepest depths of my soul. I can confidently say that the sentiment is echoed amongst our group at large, and on behalf of all of us, we want to say THANKS."
Beth F.
Team leader
"Nothing but pure love and appreciation for the staff at the HashishInn! You truly delivered a once in a lifetime experience."
Isaiah S.
Nature Fanatic
"I just wanted to say one more BIG thank you. I think all of us have come away changed forever. That was one of the most immersive and amazing experiences of my life."
Eric M.
Boston Beer Co.
"What can I say...the food...the vibe...the people...the place...UNFORGETTABLE! I want to LIVE at the HashishInn!"
Jordan P.
Hash lover

The Only Limitations are Your Imagination!

Our skilled & multi-talented staff will fully support your epicurean experience from start to finish:

  • Private parties
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Epicurean Adventurers
  • Vision Quests
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Couples getaway
  • Forest bathing
  • Bespoke experiences (tell us what you seek)